Ancient and Contemporary

History of a project

From excavation to the museum

Over ten years of work, the excavation of 30,000 cubic meters of archaeological stratification, 100,000 ceramic fragments found, 42,000 of marble, 90,000 of frescoes; a team of 35 archaeologists, 8 restorers, engineers, architects, graphic designers who worked to give back to the city a part of its past in a museum area of ​​over 1000 square meters. The Ninfeo Museum exhibits the structures and finds of an area of ​​the Horti Lamiani scientifically investigated for the first time, giving back to the city a page of the history of the Esquilino. Archaeological remains become an integral part of contemporary life assuming new meanings and values.

Il museo riaprirà il 2 Settembre

The museum will reopen on September 2nd